Monday, July 23, 2012

Trademarks and bakers

Here are some fun recent cakes.  They all have similar themes, kids love mickey mouse, minnie mouse, hello kitty and other trademarked characters.  I get multiple requests for these kind of cakes every week, and every baker that says they will reproduce these likenesses is gambling with their business.  

My solution is that I will match the theme and colors, but I will not reproduce the characters.  

Thankfully Party City and other online retailers offer some solutions with little party candles and toys.  That way I'm happy, and my customers can embellish their cakes with their favorite character.

Another advantage for the customer is the pricing, the candles are very inexpensive compared to me taking my time modeling a character.

So next time you decide you'd like an Elmo cake for your precious little munchkin, please keep in mind the baker, who is grappling with whether to put their business on the line by agreeing, or losing your business by saying 'no'.

In this set I have a little mermaid cake, a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, Hello Kitty, Cars, Batman, Nemo and Rio

If you see cakes in my library that have the characters in, it is likely that I either made it for a charity donation, or I made it for a friend for free.  The restrictions are only on people that make profit from their cakes.

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Kara Buntin said...

Don't mess with Disney!