Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'I was walking along looking for someone and then suddenly I wasnt'

Weddings make me teary anyway, but this lovely quote just set me off straight away!  I was honored to make the wedding cupcakes for a really lovely couple who live in San Francisco.  The location, one of the best in San Diego was at Georges at the Cove, and I was really excited to see jennywennycakes listed on the menu!
The couple chose some truly delicious flavors, who can turn down a strawberry cupcake with zesty lemon glaze and a fresh Bewise Ranch Strawberry on top!!


I made a pink open peony to top off the cutting cake, which matched the theme perfectly.
We made sure to give the restaurant a small box of cupcakes for the bride and groom to take to their hotel, they were smart to plan ahead and make sure they got to taste all of the flavors later!

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