Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thoughts for Mothers Day

Mothers day is coming up, and I thought I'd put together some ideas of what you can surprise your dear Mum with!

How about a pretty cake:
We'd be happy to make a cute design to honor your favorite lady!  A small 6" cake to serve up to 12 is $50

If you'd like a more rustic design, like the chocolate mud cake with rustic ganache, we'd be happy to make that for $40

How about some delicious cupcakes!  We'll have 6 packs of cupcakes decorated with pretty flowers and piping, or decor of your choice for $20
If your mom is partial to other desserts, we could make you up a little pack of trifles, $2 each for teeny ones, $3 for large ones!

Or how about a pack of bakewell tarts?  Our delicious light pastry crust filled with a layer of jam, almond cake and topped with a cherry!  Just $3 each
Most moms love macarons!  So we'll be offering a dozen of these little  gems for $15.

Please let us know asap if you have Mothers Day plans and would like to include us in them!  Email us at or call 619-356-0536 by Saturday May 4th at the latest!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Taste of Asia for Just Call Us Volunteers!

We recently were invited to the Just Call Us Volunteers fundraiser at the San Diego Public Market.  It was called 'Taste of Asia' and some of the best chefs in San Diego brought their 'A' game.

There were too many amazing chefs to mention, but its always great to see Hanis from Carnitas, I got to catch up with Kevin at Barleymash who is doing great, I finally got to meet Robyn at Cupcakes Squared, and Jennifer Costa from AR Valentien was there along with perfect macarons, and a delicious selection of desserts.

Speciality Produce were also there spinning a wheel to win lots of healthy treats, I was very happy with my tangerine, but Kristen was overjoyed with a Market Bag!  We were celebrating her last day with us as a single lady before she returns after her wedding, so she's looking forward to treating her new hubby with the bounty of fresh fruit and veggies in the bag!

It was such a fun event, so much amazing food, and company, and entertainment.  We were totally captivated by the dragon dancers, just amazing to see the acrobatics, and they made us giggle by rushing right up to people and then spitting lettuce on them, just so fun.  I will be looking out for the Three Treasures Cultural Society more as it was just amazing to see!

There was also Sumo wrestling, and I was surprised to see the pictures afterwards as I realized that Julie Darling had got in the ring and started a fight with the American champion Sumo wrestler!

We decided to bring 3 desserts, our macarons in green tea and mango flavors with white chocolate ganache, a tropical hummingbird mini cupcake (banana, pineapple, pecan and coconut) and our famous trifles, this time with almond cake, passion fruit, papaya, mango, lemon cream and a macadamia brittle.  Everyone was really nice and we ran out before the end of the event!  Don't forget you can always order these treats from us at your next party!

Thanks so much to Just Call Us Volunteers for inviting us.  Please keep an eye on their website, facebook and calendar and consider volunteering or donating.  You will learn so much about cooking, often learning with a top San Diego chef.  I love that they are non-denominational, non-judgemental, and the act of serving a meal to a homeless person is often about more than just food, it is about telling them that they are worth it, they are important and they are still a member of our society.

We'll be looking forward to the next event and hope to support the volunteers and organization in any way we can.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wedding at 'The Bod'

I'm back from an amazing experience I'll never forget!  I agreed to bake my cousin's wedding cake.  This seems pretty straight forward, until you realize I live 6000 miles away and I would have to find a way to create a vision of amazingness in a country I no longer live in, where I am unfamiliar with the ingredients and equipment available!

As you can see by the pictures, the venue was incredible, the divinity room of the Bodlean Library in Oxford.  Just amazing!  I learned that some of Harry Potter was filmed here, along with many other films, and the place is just dripping with history, having been used as a library for over 400 years.

Oxford is so full of history, it was fun to go for pizza in a building that was built in 1193!

My cousin and his new wife are total science fiction and computer game geeks, so their request was that they didn't want anything normal or 'weddingy'.  They settled upon 3 companion cubes as their cakes from a computer game called Portal, which made it a little easier as I didn't have to stack a huge cake.

I made a large 9" vanilla cake with vanilla cream and raspberry jam, this cake did have some internal support.  There was a 7" carrot cake and a 5" chocolate cake.

It was great to get my cousin involved, he was very helpful in cutting out many of the panels for the cubes, it must be pretty unusual to get roped into creating your own wedding cake!

The caterers did a great job, a new idea that I've not heard of was that each table had a designated 'carver' and they had to dress up in an apron and chef's hat and carve the meat for the table, everyone had a lot of fun with it!