Sunday, July 15, 2012

Awesome dinosaur wedding!

What better way to start a new blog than the wonderful wedding of dear friends.

I was truly honored to be involved in my dear friends, Donna and Paul's wedding by making their wedding cake.

Donna and Paul met in the Natural History Department of the BBC, they both have a keen interest in photography and its always fun to find out what adventures they are going on, bear hunting in Minnesota, crocodiles in India, crystal caves in Chile, there is always something fun on their schedule!

Since I am based in the US and the wedding was near Bristol, UK it was no small feat, but I was ready and willing!

They are two of the geekiest geeks I'd ever met, and visiting their flat in Bristol, I realized I couldn't tell which strange artifact belonged to whom, and that they were just two peas in a pod!

At the wedding, everyone there was just brimming with enthusiasm for their partnership.  They are both wonderful people, but together they are somehow even more amazing.

To continue the impossibly geeky theme, we decided upon an ammonite for the grooms cake, since Paul's online tag is 'iron ammonite' and a recreation of the 'Lost World' based on the table mountain in Roirama, Chile as their main wedding cake.  Thankfully this shape is very similar to the 'comma' shaped baking pans!

This endeavor began in San Diego with me asking a friend to create an Indiana Jones themed bride and groom for the cake, I then jetted off to Tottenham, North London baking the four different flavors, carrot, chocolate mud, vegan chocolate and vanilla.

I made my way west and started constructing the cakes, thankfully the place we stayed in had an industrial kitchen, and I was able to work easily.

Unfortunately the weather has been awful in the UK and this was no exception, it rained nearly all day, but Priston Mill has a lovely large open barn, which easily fitted all the guests and kept us all out of the rain.  Some people have said they are a bit of a 'wedding factory' but that is a good thing in my book, the venue was a beautiful place for the couple to put their own flourishes, but were used to running weddings like clockwork with no hitches.

The cakes took on a 'cake boss' sheen from having been out in the rain, which wasn't altogether awful, but was a different look than my usual!

As you can see, there were endless beautiful details, dinosaurs and ammonites as far as the eye could see, and a beautiful jewel color scheme with the flowers.  The arrangements brought sunshine to a rainy day with gorgeous roses, calla, freesias and other bright, vibrant blooms.

I loved the touch of collecting rocks from Lyme Regis, the beach where they got engaged and using them as placeholders (yes, this is legal!).

We were treated to a wonderful dinner, hilarious light saber cake cutting, then swing dancing and more music to finish off the evening.  It was truly an event to remember, and I was honored to be a part of it.

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