Monday, June 29, 2015

Bringing children to the bakery

I've been struggling with this a little, and I thought I'd share some thoughts....

We love kiddies, and we absolutely love seeing their little faces light up when they see their cakes!

We've found that recently, parents have brought their children to help pick out their cakes, and somehow it often gets a bit stressful for everyone, trying to keep them sitting still, not touching things they shouldn't or getting into the bakery, which isn't really safe for them.

I wonder if it is better to discuss their cake in the comfort of your home, browsing through our flickr page and looking for fun designs, we'll be happy for you to take a sample pack home of the flavors we're baking that week, then you can sit down and enjoy at your leisure.

We totally understand that sometimes it is just not possible to get childcare, so the kids come on your errands, and we welcome supervised children to the bakery, but if it is possible, it might be less stressful for everyone if you figure everything out together before you come to the bakery.

We'd love to hear your thoughts...

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Chris said...

This seems super reasonable! Sometimes I think the kids are going to have such a great time, and instead they have a meltdown because everything looks so awesome and they want to touch it all and I have to keep saying NO NO NO.

Browsing a flickr page is probably a much better way for us to handle cake stuff. :)