Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Francis Parker Centennial

We were recently invited to participate in the Francis Parker School's Centennial Celebration event.  It was really fun to see that we were situated next to the science building so we could see some of the fun stuff the students were up to including an amazing robotics lab!

There was a tasting event, so we brought some of our favorites, our chocolate mud mini cupcakes, macarons and some lemon and chocolate strawberry trifles.  They all went down really well and were gone well before the event was over!

The florals were just gorgeous, along with the furniture rentals, they were provided by Pacific Event Productions.  It transformed the space into a swanky event instead of a school campus, although it was a truly amazing school!

The highlight of the evening was the birthday presentation of 600 cupcakes!  Unfortunately the guests were quite tipsy by the time we were setting them up, and we actually were forced to ask the security guards to help us stop them eating the cupcakes until the big presentation!

Its the first time we have had to guard our cakes!  We served simple chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and we replicated the logo of the school onto tiles to decorate the cupcakes.

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