Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thoughts for Mothers Day

Mothers day is coming up, and I thought I'd put together some ideas of what you can surprise your dear Mum with!

How about a pretty cake:
We'd be happy to make a cute design to honor your favorite lady!  A small 6" cake to serve up to 12 is $50

If you'd like a more rustic design, like the chocolate mud cake with rustic ganache, we'd be happy to make that for $40

How about some delicious cupcakes!  We'll have 6 packs of cupcakes decorated with pretty flowers and piping, or decor of your choice for $20
If your mom is partial to other desserts, we could make you up a little pack of trifles, $2 each for teeny ones, $3 for large ones!

Or how about a pack of bakewell tarts?  Our delicious light pastry crust filled with a layer of jam, almond cake and topped with a cherry!  Just $3 each
Most moms love macarons!  So we'll be offering a dozen of these little  gems for $15.

Please let us know asap if you have Mothers Day plans and would like to include us in them!  Email us at or call 619-356-0536 by Saturday May 4th at the latest!

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